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Writing at My Personal Website Keeps Me from Going Insane

writing It doesn’t matter what you call it, I call it “writing”. You can call it blogging and you can call my website a blog, but you’ll be wrong.

A blog is like a diary (it started out as “weblog” or “web log”). Some people incorrectly use the same term for a single post.

This is an article site more than anything.

Writing Keeps Me Sane

In 2006, I quit my full-time job and moved to the Philippines. I was already drawing a military pension. Because I owed nothing to anyone, my pension was more than enough to live on. It still is, but my purchasing power has diminished quite a bit.

I started a website (now defunct) a couple of months later because I started getting stir crazy. I didn’t know what to do with all the free time I suddenly had. That website really was a blog. I added new posts multiple times a day.

Fast forward to a different website and a different attitude. One thing remains the same. I continue to write instead of moving on to something else. Frankly, if I don’t spend time writing, I won’t know what to do with myself.

By the way, I do my own programming. This website theme and a lot of underpinnings are 100 percent unique. I administer every aspect of the web server as well.

Writing is Productive

There are a lot of single foreigners in the Philippines. Many of them are drunkards and whore chasers, to put it bluntly. Thankfully, I’ve been married for more than three decades.

I can drink with the best of them (or worst, depending on how you look at it). I don’t drink often and I don’t drink that much because I don’t like getting drunk.

Please don’t assume anything. I spend far more time in front of my laptop computer than anywhere else. That may or may not change in the near future. I do a lot of reading online, mostly the websites I follow from news aggregators. While I’m reading, I’m listening to music with my ear buds. Yes, the same ones I use for my phone. I have more than 20 gigs of music on my hard drive.

I make money for what I write from Google AdSense ads. A lot less than several years ago, but still enough to pay for non-free web hosting. [Even if I have to wait months to get back what I’ve paid.] I don’t spend as much time writing as I used to and I’d like to get back to writing daily.

Quitting may not be an Option

I’ve tried to walk away from writing several times. I would spend time watching movies and TV shows and doing just about anything to keep myself occupied. I always returned to writing because it’s about the only thing I can do without being interrupted continuously.

The only time I will have to quit writing is when there’s no way to do it. I’m on my last working laptop. If it fails, it could take me a while to get enough money together to replace it with something I can use.

I have two more laptops that still work but I can’t use them. The screen on one changes colors all the time and the keyboard on the other is just too small for my fat fingers.

If I have financial issues and I can’t pay my Internet bill, I won’t be able to publish anything. Other bills take priority, like electricity and water.

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By RT Cunningham
December 30, 2017