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I may be Writing a Book – My Wife’s Biography

I may be writing a book. I’m being prodded to do so on a pretty regular basis by both my wife, Josie, and one of her aunts, Sarah. Not just any book, but Josie’s biography.

Josie’s life story has a happy ending, but a lot of people would probably be moved by the steps she took to get to it. She’s told most of her story to the people she’s known and some of them, even the Filipino women, were in tears long before she finished.

I haven’t started yet and I may not do it. I have a lot of pieces to put together and it’s going to take a lot of time to get it done. I don’t mind doing it, but the subject will make it difficult.

A Biographical Book and Privacy

One of the things holding me back is privacy. Sarah said I could change the names and so forth, but it wouldn’t work in a biography like hers. To be believable and convincing, real names and places would have to be revealed.

Most of the people we’ve known over the years already know most of the story. Even the people we don’t know, but worked with at one time or another, would be able to figure out who the story’s about.

If I write this book, and it’s a big “if”, the semi-private life we now live will be completely public. We don’t have a completely private life because I can’t keep my mouth shut online, but it’s far from public.

Giving up our private lives for “15 minutes of fame” is a bitter pill to swallow.

Prying Josie’s History from her Memories

I know pieces of everything, but I don’t have a complete picture. Most of what I learned about her history (before I met her), I learned from her father (R.I.P.).

There are some things Josie doesn’t like to talk about and I understand why. Some things were traumatic and the only reason she remembers them at all is because she’s still living with the results of the trauma.

The idea of writing a book isn’t holding me back. It’s getting the information I need and putting it all together. It scares me.

The Tools of the Trade

I already have everything I need to write the book. I can use a “local host” copy of WordPress to compose everything and use a Chrome extension for proofreading — “After The Deadline” won’t work when using WordPress on my computer.

The main tool, of course, is my brain. I was a grade “A” English student throughout my elementary and high school years, so I still have a decent command of the language.

It’s more than likely I’ll get Lis Sowerbutts of DIY Publishing to get the ball rolling when and if I finish the book. Her team can do both the e-book and the paper copy. I’m sure I’d have little left to do once they do their things.

Again, this all depends on whether I write the book or not. I don’t even have a title for it yet.

June 28, 2016

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