Writing or Blogging or Whatever – I Don’t Want to do this Anymore

June 20, 2017

I’m serious. I don’t want to do this anymore. You can call it writing, you can call it blogging, you can call it anything you wish. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t want to do it.

You see, I’m doing everything wrong. It isn’t intentional and I’m still doing things the same way I did them more than 10 years ago. Media sources have changed and the devices used to get access to that media have changed.

At some point in the next six months (or less than a year anyway), I’ll be shutting down completely. I have a few things I need to take care of before I can call it quits.

Writing in Some Other Form or Location

I may continue writing in a similar fashion, but it will be somewhere where it’s incredibly cheap (or free) to do so. And I’m not talking about social media.

The only reason I take part as much as I do on social media is because I post what I’m writing on social media. I’ll definitely be writing somewhere other than social media (if I’m writing at all).

Doing What I Enjoy

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten tired of playing the game. I don’t want to change with the times because things aren’t any better than they were 10 years ago. Really. Maybe I’m just tired of throwing things against the wall to see what will stick.

I like to tinker. Whether it’s hardware or software, I like making things go. Most people aren’t interested in the things that interest me. I can tell because I don’t get a lot of feedback at any of the places online where I hang out.

Quitting on My Terms

I was ready to quit in April when my web server started acting up. I was ready to quit in May after my laptop crashed. Both times I managed to pull my head out my rear end and get things going. I didn’t want hardware or software issues pushing me to give up.

This time, it’s my choice. I like writing what people want to read. The problem is no one seems to want to read anything I write. Trust me, I know how to read the metrics.

I will continue to write until I let the web hosting payments lapse. It could be six months or it could be a year, but the end is in sight. My writing will continue at a slower pace – I still have a few minor things I want to write about.

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