Why am I Working on my own CMS? Am I Crazy or what?

cms Whether I’m crazy or not is a matter of perspective. I don’t think I am. Anyway… I’m working on my own CMS because I don’t like what I’m doing and what I’m doing it with. I’m using WordPress and it’s way overkill for what I need. Maybe it was good to go back when it wasn’t as complex as it is today.

My CMS is more than just a CMS. It’s also a static site generator. Yes, yet another static site generator. This one is a bit different from all the other offerings out there, as I’ll explain.

CMS Installation

I’m designing this CMS as if a bunch of other people might start using it. I don’t care if anyone else does, but it’s a good practice.

It will run on a local computer or online, whatever the user wants to do. I’ll have documentation in text files as well as a subdomain online. That’s where the CMS software will be available for download.

The admin back-end will be in an admin directory. Only generated static pages will end up in the root directory.

CMS Configuration

A single configuration file (config.php) will hold all the necessary settings. Unlike WordPress, this CMS will use sessions to keep track of everything. It’ll store the session files in a session directory within the CMS directory structure.

I’m still working on some of the settings. I can’t work on this full-time or I really will go crazy.

Saving Data

The CMS will have a data directory. Storage is in plain text files. No XML, no JSON, no nonsense. I’m keeping this a simple as I can keep it.

When the CMS saves a page, it first stores data in the data directory. Other things happen right after that and then it generates the page in the root directory. If working online, I’ll have to protect all the directories outside of the root directory. If working offline, I won’t have to worry about that part but I’ll have to upload the pages to the real web server. Unless… I use a service that integrates with Dropbox or Google Drive.

But Why?

I will eventually move my content to a free or extremely inexpensive static web hosting provider. I like what I see with UpDog a lot. I may or may not use my current domain name.

My ad revenue has been in the toilet for many months. Google searches for my website have continuously dropped since the beginning of the year. It’s probably because I’m not doing anything to promote myself, other than sharing my pages on social media. I don’t want to work any harder at this than I have to. If I wanted to work hard when I started doing this, I wouldn’t have retired from regular employment in the first place.

It now takes me nine months to make what I used to make in one month way back when. I’m learning to live without it. When it gets to the point where I won’t make enough to cover my monthly web hosting (at only $10.00 a month), I’ll know when to move everything.

Hopefully, I’ll be finished with this CMS project way before that happens.

June 9, 2017

Web Development

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