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A WordPress Static Site Service - It’s Better than Anything I Can Do

static site I just deleted seven articles about creating a static site generator with WordPress. They were outdated and updating them was something I didn’t care to do. [I have since rewritten and published them.]

I discovered a WordPress static site service called HardyPress. While the service doesn’t target people like me, it’s still something I may consider in the future. That is, if I’m still doing this in the future.

My Static Site Changes

My website barely resembles what it was when I turned it into a static site almost a year ago. I’ve made changes to simplify the process and make it work faster with my custom WordPress theme.

The latest change, which I completed last night, was the pagination of my home, category and tag archives. I wouldn’t know where to start when trying to explain how I did it.

Except for the author archives, this static site resembles a standard WordPress installation a lot more than it used to.

Deleting or Removing Articles

Regardless of which word you use, it’s something I don’t like doing. I get rid of articles when no one is reading them. I use a combination of the Google Search Console and Google Analytics spanning a period of 90 days to find out which articles become useless.

The script on my laptop is called “nomatch.php”. It queries the database for all the page and post names. It then parses text files I export from both services for matching URLs. The resulting list shows only the articles without matches. There aren’t many, but one is too many for me.

Although my static site generator articles were viewed a couple of times in 90 days, it’s not enough to justify updating them. I don’t think I’ll write articles like that anymore. I don’t like putting a lot of effort into articles that very few people like to read. It’s odd that the articles most often read are those that I put the least effort into writing.

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By RT Cunningham
August 7, 2017
Web Development

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