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WordPress 5.0 Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) - It Really Isn’t That Bad

WordPress Block Editor The new WordPress block editor isn’t hard to use at all. I have the “Classic Editor” plugin on standby, just in case I can’t get this one to cooperate with me.

Although the Gutenberg feature plugin has been around since sometime in 2017, I avoided it like the plague. I’m set in my ways and I was comfortable with the old editor.

The New Block Editor

WordPress 5.0 was released several days ago (December 6, according to Wikipedia). It came with the new block editor in core. Until then, it was a feature plugin called “Gutenberg”. It went through more changes than I care to remember reading about.

Despite all the negative comments on the plugin page, it really isn’t that bad. It just takes some time to get used to it. I’m using it right now. The difficulty will come when I attempt to edit old articles.

The width of the editor isn’t wide enough for me. It wasn’t too difficult to fix once I found out how to do it. I added this in my “functions.php” file:


And then this on the stylesheet I referenced above (in my theme directory):

.wp-block {
max-width: 820px;

Again it takes time to get used to it. I’m sure there will be changes to the block editor to make it better over time, just like what happened to the classic editor.

The Block Editor is My Choice

In more ways than one. I was going to switch to my custom CMS if I didn’t like the block editor enough to use it. Like I said, I’m set in my ways. It turned out to be much easier to use than I anticipated. I really don’t understand all the hate surrounding it.

I’ve all but abandoned it but not because I’ve stopped working on it. I just can’t dedicate specific blocks of time to it - too many interruptions. It’s best that I set it aside until I have a lot more free time. It’s odd, I know, since I’m retired and don’t have to leave home to go to work. Family is more important anyway.

I’m not in a hurry, or at least not in a hurry anymore. The block editor works just fine.

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By RT Cunningham
December 11, 2018

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