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Windows 10 - Keep it Running Fast and Keep the Registry Clean

Windows 10 I have not used Windows 10 for anything at all since I started using Linux Mint regularly. I only have one laptop computer with Windows 10 on it and the monitor isn’t working right.

I’m going to replace that laptop computer with another one when my wife and I visit our children and their families in the United States.

Windows 10 - Keep it Running Fast

Microsoft has always amazed me by its lack of foresight. Third-party utilities always rise up to fill in the gaps, and that really shouldn’t be the case.

The easiest way to keep it running fast is to not add anything to it. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t come with most of the software you need to use regularly. If you want to add software to Windows 10 without adding to the registry bloat, you can use portable applications from within the PortableApps platform. Other than the platform itself, it doesn’t add anything to the registry.

Using Glary Utilities 5 is another way to keep Windows 10 running fast. It has over 20 built-in tools to maximize performance. It can also be used to keep the registry clean, but other tools are probably better at it.

If you’re adventurous, you may want to examine a master tutorial on the subject.

Windows 10 - Keep the Registry Clean

There is one tool, a singular software item, that I trust implicitly to keep the registry clean. It’s CCleaner, a tool I started using way back when it was called “Crap Cleaner”.

I started using Windows with the 16-bit 3.11 version in 1994. With all the advances leading to the current version, Microsoft still can’t seem to get it all right. I sometimes think it’s a design decision.

Using Linux with Windows 10

There are two ways I’m familiar with. One is to use a Linux USB flash drive and the other is to set up dual booting.

There’s another way and it’s probably still considered beta software. It’s the Windows Subsystem for Linux. I’m planning to learn everything I can about it. If it works the way I understand it, it’ll make a great backup to my Linux only laptop computer.

Most Linux distributions are fast right out-of-the-box and it takes a lot of memory consumption to slow them down. That’s been my experience so far. Windows 10 would probably be just as fast if Microsoft hadn’t invented the registry in the first place. The bigger the registry gets, the more memory it consumes. That bloat also slows everything down.

Believe me, I’ll be practicing what I preach when I buy a new laptop computer with Windows 10 on it. I’m not as patient with software as I used to be and I don’t need anything at all testing my patience.

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By RT Cunningham
May 2, 2018

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