My Wife’s Fixation with the Color Red

cooking pot - color red Everyone on Earth has a favorite “something”. My wife’s (Josie) favorite color is red. I call it a fixation because if she had her way, everything we own would be in the color red. I simply cannot overemphasize her fixation.

I’ve lived with this woman for more than 28 years and I’ve experienced the outcome of this fixation on many occasions. This fixation is one of the few things I will never understand about her.

Vehicles in a Shade of the Color Red

I should be thankful it’s expensive to repaint a vehicle. If it wasn’t, every car, truck or van we ever owned would have been in one shade or another of the color red. We bought one car, a 1990 Toyota Corolla, in a shade of red (I think it was supposed to be “wine” or “dark red”) because it was one of the colors it was available in where we bought it. We leased a van, a 1994 or 1995 Plymouth Voyager, in another shade of red.

I couldn’t care less about the color of any vehicle (as long as it isn’t ugly). The only car we own right now is a silver 2006 Toyota Corolla Altis.

Kitchen Stuff in the Color Red

We have a whole slew of pots and pans that are Teflon-coated on the inside and painted red on the outside. We used to have a red electric can opener, but an electrical line overload destroyed the motor in it.

Every time I’ve gone shopping with Josie, and it doesn’t matter if it was a refrigerator or something else, the first thing she did was look to see if it was available in a shade of red. If she had her way, all of our kitchen appliances would be in red, to match the pots and pans.

Everything Else in the Color Red

You simply cannot understand how fixated Josie is on the color red. We have bed sheets and pillow cases that are shade of red. The roof, the trim and doors on our house are in a shade of red. The metal parts of our fence and gate are in a shade of red.

The only way I can describe my reactions to Josie’s fixation is “exasperating”. It could be worse, I suppose. I hate the color green on anything but plants.

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