My Wife’s Continuing Fixation with the Color Red

Josie 2015 - color red Back in December of 2013, I wrote about my wife’s fixation with the color red.

I wasn’t exaggerating. If Josie always has her way with things, everything we own will be in the color red or some shade of red (except pink, which she doesn’t like, thank goodness). Even things that shouldn’t be.

I’m not kidding and as I mention a few things, you’ll see exactly what I mean. I don’t have issues with most colors, except pastel colors. Especially houses painted in pastel pink, green, blue or yellow.

Ugly is the kindest word I can come up with for pastel colors.

Hair in a Shade of the Color Red

Take a good look at the only picture I’m showing here. Josie’s hair color is burgundy, a shade of the color red. She started with that color when she was still in England. I don’t blame her for coloring her hair. If she didn’t, it would all be gray and white.

Take a closer look. The door behind her is the front door to our house. The door itself is maroon, another shade of the color red (red mixed with brown). The door frame (decorative cement) is some other shade of the color red, but closer to plain red. If you looked at the house from the street, the walls would look like a shade of the color red, but that would be an optical illusion. The walls are actually medium brown. The optical illusion works in favor of the color red because the roof of the house is red and all the windows are trimmed in the color of maroon.

Cars in a Shade of the Color Red

We owned a Toyota Corolla back in 1990 (I think) that was a shade of the color red. I think the color was supposed to be “wine”. The new car we’re buying (that we’re supposed to pick up today) will be some shade of the color red (but not pink).

When I applied for the car loan, Josie insisted on a red car. I was so annoyed with all the “redness” that I threatened to buy a blue one. I further threatened to buy gallons of blue paint and repaint everything red around our house the color blue. To add insult to injury, I threatened to sing this every time I felt like it:


Of course, I’d probably have to find a new place to live if I did all of that.

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