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Web Discoveries for 2019-11-17

web discoveriesThis is the November 17, 2019, edition of Web Discoveries. I hope you’ll find something interesting in this list of websites I’ve discovered. I’m focusing on food blogs this time around because I’m looking for possible alternative Thanksgiving Day recipes. Of course, I’ll mention recipes that look good to me regardless of the occasion.

Some of these websites may seem new and some not so much. They’re all new to me.


The BeastFeast food blog appears to be run by a couple in Germany. Everything looks delicious, of course. I’m particularly interested in the roasted pumpkin hummus.

Anyone who knows anything knows hummus is made from chickpeas. In Spanish-speaking countries (and Spanish-influenced countries), they’re known as garbanzos or garbanzo beans. I can eat them raw. I wonder what hummus with pumpkin would taste like. Unless I can find all the ingredients, I may never know.

Diet Bea

If you’re looking for things that a bit more ketogenic, the Diet Bea site may be a better source of recipes. Keto dieting doesn’t seem to work for me, but I still like to try.

The keto pizza looks absolutely delicious. I’m a big pizza fan and if I could afford it, I’d eat pizza every other day. This recipe wouldn’t even make me feel guilty.

Francesca’s Dawn Farm

The blog is only one part of the website for Francesca’s Dawn Farm. One post caught my eye, and you can probably guess why.

How many reason do you need to eat more bacon? Yes, I know there’s a misspelling, but it’s not my title. Anyway… I don’t need more reasons to eat bacon. I eat it as often as I can afford it.

Julia Recipes

There are some interesting recipes at Julia Recipes. The one that caught my eye was the butter chicken recipe.

If I have a choice of meat, I prefer chicken. In my mind, you can’t go wrong when you can make chicken taste better than it already does.

Kultural Kreations

I almost got sidetracked by the breakfast recipes at Kultural Kreations because I’m a breakfast person. It took me a few minutes to get to the dessert section.

If there’s something I probably like better than pumpkin pie, it’s sweet potato pie. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn’t like it when I eat more than a small piece of it.

Mean Green Chef

The Mean Green Chef appears to be run by another couple, but where they hail from isn’t readily available on their website.

Their punch of pumpkin pie looks like something I could handle. Somehow, it looks a little more traditional than what I would like.

Sugar Blogger

If you’re looking for sweet stuff, you need look no further than the Sugar Blogger. I have removed as much sugar from my daily diet as possible, so I’m not interested in any of it.

At one time, things like the 3 ingredient Oreo fudge would have had me drooling for more than a few minutes. Thank goodness my drooling days are over.

Photo Attribution: jma659 at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
November 17, 2019
Web Discoveries