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Web Discoveries for 2019-11-03

web discoveriesThis is the November 3, 2019, edition of Web Discoveries. I hope you’ll find something interesting in this list of websites I’ve discovered. Some aren’t new to me, but they may be new to you.

Ai Made It For You

The Ai in Ai Made It For You doesn’t stand for artificial intelligence. It’s the author’s first name. And Ai seems to have made a lot of food I’d like to eat, including some “Pumpkin Morning Glory Muffins (Vegan)”. I need to learn to avoid food sites when they make me hungry.

Business and Life Tips

If you want to learn more about blogging, internet marketing and self-improvement, Business and Life Tips is a blog you may want to visit. The “Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Maximum Benefit from your Credit Cards” article is something I haven’t read yet, but I look forward to reading it.

Encouraging Truth

If you enjoy reading things from a Christian perspective, you may enjoy the Encouraging Truth blog. I found the article, “The Existence of Evil in Relation to Our Good God”, especially interesting.


HTML5 UP, also shown as “HTML5 UP!”, is a collection of HTML5 templates. They’re not geared for any specific CMS and should be pretty easy to adapt to any of them. A link back is required unless you pay a one-time $19.00 access fee to the 80-plus templates on the designer’s Pixelarity website.

Kelly On Point

A lifestyle and parenting blog, “Kelly On Point” may have something for anyone raising a family. The article, “How To Get A Child To Listen And Follow Direction”, could have helped me when my boys were young (they’re not even young adults anymore).


With Mail-in-a-Box, you can turn any Ubuntu Linux server into a dedicated mail server. You can get a virtual server for about $5.00 a month (I use DigitalOcean, but I don’t have a mail server set up and yes, that’s a referral link).

The Nurturing Parent with Tamra Cater

The Nurturing Parent with Tamra Cater is another parenting blog. The article, “What Moms Wish They Knew About Newborns”, may be an interesting read for my daughter-in-law, Cathy, who’ll be having her first baby in 2020.


Unsplash is another service where you can get photos without worrying about paying for them. The license is extremely liberal. Unfortunately, I find it somewhat difficult when I’m looking for something specific.

Who Is Lookups

If you need to know where an IP address originates, these are the sites that will tell you:

They tell you where the IP address originates, not the person. With so many VPNs and proxies being used, a person can be in the United States and use an IP address based in Kenya (that’s only an example).

Photo Attribution: GraphicMama-team at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
November 3, 2019
Web Discoveries