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Web Discoveries for 2019-10-29, First Edition

web discoveriesThis is the first edition of something I want to do regularly. Each edition will contain links to my web discoveries, whatever they may be. Unless I publish special editions, each title will end with merely a date. Being the first edition, this one is indeed a special edition.

I’ll share some of what I’ve found so you can see what I’ve seen and read what I’ve read. I’ll also share some of the websites I visit regularly.

Born to be Boomers

According to the “About Us” page, the “Born to be Boomers” lifestyle blog caters to baby boomers and people over 50 (like me). The article titled “7 Reasons to Plan to Retire Early” is interesting. I’m already retired, so I understand a lot of it.

Campfires & Coffee

Although “Campfires & Coffee” are two things that go together, you can keep the campfires. I spent way too much time “camping” while I was in the military to enjoy it today. Learning how to brew french press coffee while camping seems like it would be easy enough, but I think I would stick with instant coffee. It’s hard to screw up instant coffee.


It took me a small amount of effort to find out the “Foodeliciousness” food site is managed by a young lady in Sweden. The Sweet Potato Casserole looks like something I would enjoy eating.


I appreciate multi-niche websites like mine. Pellerini is one such site. The “Where Do You Begin? Right Here!” page will get you started on some interesting reads.


If you need images you don’t have to worry about paying for, you can’t go wrong with Pixabay. I get most of my images from that site, including the one I’m using with this article. You can credit them, like I did at the bottom of the page, but it isn’t required.

Stock Snap

Unlike Pixabay, you have to resize the photos yourself (I always resize anyway). Although Stock Snap has a lot of photos already, it has a long way to go to catch up to similar sites. If you want to credit anyone, I suggest crediting the author on the author page for a particular image.

Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia

Like a lot of other people, I spend too much time on Wikipedia. As far as I know, the photos used in the articles are stored at Wikimedia Commons. While some of the images are public domain, most require you to credit the source. They’re still free images, and I use them when I can’t find them anywhere else.

The World’s Diner

According to the “About” page, “The World’s Diner” is a collection of food bloggers from across the globe sharing their best recipes. The Quick & Easy Chicken Parmesan looks delicious.

Zenyr Garden

If you’re into gardening, you may be interested in “Zenyr Garden”. I’m not into gardening, but I enjoy looking at the pictures. The article titled “Are There Blue Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Flowers?” provides plenty of pictures.

Photo Attribution: Free-Photos at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
October 29, 2019
Web Discoveries