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My Web Development Workstation is my Laptop Computer

My web development workstation is the laptop I use for everything. Other than for web development, I use it for videos, music, e-mail and everything else I can’t think of now.

Even though I use it for a lot of things, I spend most of my time doing some form of web development. That includes research, reading, coding, testing and writing in no particular order. That is, when I’m actually sitting at the keyboard.

Web Development Applications

Some of the web development applications are those that I use for other things. Some aren’t.

I’m using Chromium as my web browser [again] because I like simplicity. In the past, I’ve used more web browsers than I can remember. In recent years, it’s been Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Slimjet. Those are the ones I can remember. Vivaldi is pretty good, but I think I’ll wait for it to mature a bit more.

Although I don’t have to use a mail client with Gmail, I do. I use Thunderbird to download messages instead of using it as a webmail client. POP3 instead of IMAP. I also use it for downloading feeds from various websites. With unannounced and unexpected brownouts and a decent laptop battery, I can get certain things done before shutting down.

I use FileZilla for FTP (using FTPES), Geany as my text editor, PuTTY as my SSH client and Pinta as my image editor. I use PuTTY instead of the command line because it’s easier to set up an SSH tunnel with it. Pinta works for image editing as well as Irfanview, which I used until recently. At least, for what I use it for.

The Main Web Development Applications

I do my web development on my laptop, which is also my localhost web server. The applications are set up almost like my Ubuntu server.

I have WordPress installed as the CMS. I have functions which convert the permalinks to “.html” URLs instead of URLs ending in “/”. A PHP script reads and saves every web page, replacing the localhost server name with my real server name.

I upload the html files with FileZilla. I also use FileZilla to download some “work” files I create on the server with another PHP script. I’ll probably talk about that in another article.

Entertainment instead of Web Development

Like anyone who does it, I’ll get burned out from doing only web development for a long time. I have VLC installed for videos (and I’ll watch YouTube at times) and Rhythmbox installed for music. I don’t play games on my laptop. Ever. It doesn’t have the “oomf” to play them correctly anyway.

The only game I play is on my cell phone – Free Chess. I seem to be playing it more often than usual and that’s probably because I don’t want to do anything else.

Most of the time, web development is my entertainment. That is, until I get frustrated with one thing or another. I don’t write as much as I used to either. Perhaps it has something to do with age, but I doubt it. I know guys much older than me still rocking the keyboard, so to speak.

October 23, 2017
Web Development

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