Water in Plastic Bags to Drive Away House Flies in the Yard

plastic water bags I would not have believed this water trick if I didn’t see it happening (or not happening, depending on your point of view).

Use transparent bags of water or it won’t work. If you place them around the perimeter of your yard, your ordinary house flies will avoid your yard.

I don’t know what the science is behind it. Again, I wouldn’t have believed it would work until I saw what was happening with my own eyes.

Transparent Bags of Water

Josie and company saw this water trick being used at an outdoor restaurant when they were on vacation recently. She asked one of our guests about it and he told her he saw it while on a Caribbean cruise and forgot about it. She kept it in mind for our upcoming festivities.

We’re having a family reunion tomorrow, the second in two years. Yesterday, Josie had a bunch of people put the bags of water along the backyard fence. Two sides are completely covered and part of a third one is covered. The only parts not covered are the backside of the house (which is really high) and the opening where people can get into the back yard. The only place the flies come in are at that opening.

Millions of House Flies

There’s a pig slaughterhouse near enough to us that I can hear the pigs squealing at night when it’s otherwise quiet. It’s rarely quiet enough with all the dogs barking, cats fights and roosters crowing in the neighborhood.

I’m sure that’s where most of the flies come from. The fence is a barrier for flies coming from that direction, at least with the water trick.

A lot of people were in the back yard today, eating and playing cards. Today was yet another birthday for one of my relatives.

The water trick works and you can take my word for it. When we did things like this before, we were constantly shooing away flies (and other insects). Today, there wasn’t enough to bother anyone.

April 14, 2017


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Blackdove (2017)

Would water in clear plastic bottles work? Easier to tie to fence and reusable too.

RT Cunningham (2017)

I don't know. You can try it and let me know. I never have enough bottles to do anything with them.

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