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Walking is What I Need to Do to Get Back in Shape

walking I need to do a lot of walking to get back in shape. I can’t run and I can’t play basketball or other running or jumping sports. Too many old injuries.

I freely admit it. I let myself go. In my defense, as weak as it is, my Olongapo neighborhood isn’t conducive to walking.

A New Walking Routine

I just found out, today, that this Eglin base housing area is only about a year old. What’s nice is the sidewalks that line every street.

Josie (my wife) and I have been here since the 14th. It took us almost a week to recover from more than two days in airports and planes. Yesterday was our first day walking. I can’t make it more than half a mile yet because of the pain in my right hip. It’s from an injury when I was 17, before the military. Even though I have new athletic shoes (four pair), the soles of my feet hurt. I’ll explain shortly.

The plan is to walk the sidewalks of the housing area every day of the week. That isn’t always possible, but it’s what we both want to do. Eventually, I’ll get to the point where it won’t bother me at all.

Walking in My Olongapo Neighborhood

I can offer tons of excuses, some of them very legitimate. I couldn’t walk during the rainy seasons. Well, I could, if I wanted to go to that extreme. With all the typhoons, it was rarely safe to do so.

Obstacles, when it wasn’t raining, kept me from wanting to walk down and then up on the only street to my house. Those obstacles included trikes, dogs not leashed and people asking for handouts. I’m the only white American living on that street. I don’t think it’s even one kilometer to the street at the bottom of the hill. It shouldn’t take 30 minutes by foot, ever, but it does. Not for everyone else. Just me.

Wearing Athletic Shoes

For the last three and half years, I’ve only worn athletic shoes once or twice a month. I wore flip-flops at home and didn’t need to wear shoes of any kind. The soles of my feet are no longer conditioned to wear shoes.

I’m not going to let myself go anymore. When I return to the Philippines, I’m going to buy a treadmill. I have to be careful to get one that can handle more than 200 pounds, which is all I found the last time I looked.

I need to do a lot of walking, for all the health benefits it offers. From reducing my belly fat to lowering my blood pressure, it’s a great situation to be in if I can keep it up. Wish me luck.

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By RT Cunningham
June 22, 2018