Vinegar – A Cure for Heartburn and Acid Reflux Disease

vinegar If you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux disease, vinegar could be a simple answer to your problem. I have a story to relate that might make you think twice about the treatment your doctor prescribed or may prescribe.

The vinegar trick may or may not work for you, but it worked for me years after a doctor diagnosed me with gastroesophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux disease.

My History of Chronic Heartburn

For years before seeing a doctor about it, I suffered from chronic heartburn. It didn’t matter what I ate or drank or when, heartburn would randomly occur. It was so bad, I could drink a glass of water and experience heartburn. It was so bad sometimes that I also suffered from a lack of sleep, which affected me at work.

In 1996, I finally gave in and went to a military doctor while I was in Phoenix, Arizona. I had eaten chocolate covered coffee beans and I was suffering badly. The doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux disease (GERD) and prescribed Zantac. He also gave me instructions on how to sleep (with my head raised) to prevent the bile from coming up. Later, while I was in Barstow, California, a military dentist told me he knew I suffered from acid reflux disease for many years due to the erosion on the backsides of my teeth.

While I was taking the Zantac regularly, I experienced very little heartburn. When I ran out of the pills, the heartburn returned in full force. Later on, I received a large supply of Pepsid AC, large enough to last me well beyond the expiration dates on the packages. It also kept the heartburn at bay until I ran out of it.

From that time until sometime in 2005, I ate Tums and generic Tums-like products like they were candy. The heartburn wouldn’t bother me until I ran out of them.

The Vinegar Trick

In 2005, a close friend of mine suggested I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar when I started getting heartburn. He told me I needed more acid in my stomach, not less. I found the source of his information months later, but that’s not important.

Later that same day, the familiar burning sensation returned. I thought about what he’d said and started rooting around my kitchen cabinets looking for any kind of vinegar. There was only a bottle of coconut vinegar (my wife cooks with that instead of plain vinegar – Datu Puti is the brand name I remember).

I downed a tablespoon of the vinegar and it burned all the way down. Five minutes later the heartburn was gone, completely! I told myself it wouldn’t last. Miraculously, I didn’t get a heartburn attack again for months (after I moved to the Philippines in 2006). I followed the same procedure and once again rid myself of the heartburn almost immediately.

Acid Reflux is now a Bad Memory

I won’t lie and say that I haven’t had any heartburn in the last several years. I’ve had a few very mild cases that didn’t last more than a few minutes. Each time, it was after I’d finished eating some very spicy food. Think about that for a minute. I went from having severe acid reflux all the time to having rare occasions of mild heartburn.

What really happened? My digestive system was out of balance and not producing the amount of stomach acid required to digest food properly. Once I put it back into balance, the problem went away.

Other things can cause acid reflux disease, so you really should see a doctor before doing anything like this. If the doctor merely states the obvious and prescribes an antacid, I would recommend giving the vinegar trick a try. It doesn’t matter what kind of vinegar it is. It can’t hurt – except for the burning sensation as you swallow it. Using vinegar is a natural way to cure heartburn.

I no longer worry about eating spicy food, or other things that can cause heartburn. I’ve taken a liking to eating cucumber slices soaked in vinegar, salt and pepper.

2015 Update

In the last 10 years, I’ve had very few mild heartburn incidents. Each time, a spoonful of vinegar was enough to take care of it. I haven’t used any kind of antacid medication since 2005, not even Tums or Rolaids.

July 24, 2015


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mary (2014)

Hi! I'm really curious about the vinegar treatment that you have but isn't GERD all about acidity and then you're treating it with acidity too?! I'm just confused but we'll definitely try it at home. I'm just 25 years old and I didn't know that you can have this at this age.

Anyways, good luck to me.

RT Cunningham (2014)

Yes, it sounds odd but it works. I never have heartburn anymore and GERD is a distant memory.

karisse (2015)

hi. is it better than apple cider vinegar for gerd treatment? im from the Philippines and coconut vinegar is more available here. even datu puti will work?

RT Cunningham (2015)

Any kind of vinegar will work. I used coconut vinegar.

Rovina (2015)

Hi, many thanks I found this site & your article too. Just had a terrible feeling of heartburn I guess since yesterday until now. Actually, I already had this before and just lately it occurred again when i drunk glass of soft drinks. My bad. Acidity. I can't concentrate at work and when I play volleyball. Worst, i have difficulty in sleeping at night. So I'm gonna try this vinegar. Thanks to you -Rovina, Philippines-

Jim (2015)

This one works on me. :-)

Sandy (2015)

Hi...I am living in Manila and was told I had GERD two months ago, September 16th. I was given Gaviscon without real directions and during the next few days had a lot more symptoms...then I was given omeprazole. I took only five tables but was told to take it for 2 weeks. Since then things have fluctuated a bit and I have a lot of other things that may be related or may not be.

Today, the symptoms directly related to GERD are the lumpy feeling in the throat and the burning feeling but it's not really super hot, it just feels warm. At times, I can relieve the lump feeling for a few minutes by burping but mostly this makes no effect. I do not really have pain.

I am really looking for someone to work with to help me solve this and came across the idea of it being low acidity that causes these symptoms and a long explanation relating to stomach bacteria etc. It seems that some people succeeded with particular diets and others suffered terribly.

So, I am happy to find your page, thank you.

Can I ask you, did you have the lumpy feeling too?

RT Cunningham (2015)

The only thing I remember is the constant burning sensation. And the pain in my chest. You can try the vinegar trick and see if it helps. It can't hurt.

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