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Vacation in Tacloban, Palawan and Boracay in the Philippines

vacation Tacloban Leyte My wife, Josie, is on vacation with her Aunt Sarah. Also called Auntie, Tita and Lola Nene, she’s my deceased father-in-law’s youngest sister. Sarah is visiting from Maryland, United States. Josie and Sarah vacationed together several years ago, but I can’t remember what year it was. I think it was 2010. This is the third time she’s visited us from the United States.

For the second time with Josie’s vacation involved, I elected to stay home. They’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. The summer heat (March to May here) would be too much for me.

Again, other relatives are involved on Sarah’s side, all coming from the United States. Sarah’s the only one in the Philippines now. The others are supposed to arrive in Manila tomorrow.

A Short Vacation in Tacloban

Tacloban is in the Leyte province. Sarah and my father-in-law’s family lived in Tacloban for a time before they moved to Olongapo in the 1970s. Josie was born there.

Tacloban was largely destroyed in 2013, when it was hit by one of the most intense typhoons in history. Called “Typhoon Haiyan” internationally and “Typhoon Yolanda” within the Philippine area of responsibility, bodies were still being found in 2014.

I think Sarah wants to look up old friends, if they’re still living. I don’t know what they’re doing there because I can’t call them. It seems cell phone service between here and there is something that hasn’t been restored yet. Or maybe it’s just the hotel they’re staying at.

Alex, a sister-in-law’s husband, is driving to Manila tomorrow to pick them up. They’ll be staying in a hotel until Wednesday, after Alex picks up all the people from multiple flights. From there it’s off to either Palawan or Boracay. They didn’t tell me which one they were going to before the other.

Vacation in Palawan Province

I know nothing about Palawan, other than what others have told me. They talked about an underwater cave, but that’s about it. I think they’re going to Puerta Princesa this time. Here’s a YouTube video that shows you some of what it’s like:

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By RT Cunningham
March 27, 2017
Travel and Transportation