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Underwear that Men Prefer - Boxer Shorts, Briefs or Nothing at All

underwear Underwear companies have had to adapt. When sagging became a fad, men had to wear fashion underwear, not the old style underwear. They couldn’t go without because that was indecent.

I grew up with Fruit of the Loom and wore white briefs until I joined the military in 1978. Uniform underwear for the Marine Corps was boxer shorts, so that took some getting used to. Now I wear whatever feels comfortable.

Briefs and Boxer Shorts with Holes

I’m wearing boxers now, but what I’m wearing doesn’t have holes (except where the waist and legs go through). Standard underwear always has holes, you know for the p*nis to get out. I never understood why because I never met another boy or man who used it. I and the people I’ve been around have always pulled the waistband down do our thing.

I remember when the boxer short suddenly became a fashion statement. I couldn’t figure that out either. No one would ever see them, so why bother? Then the sagging fad started and fashion became a necessity. Well, for most people. It’s hilarious to see someone sagging while wearing old-fashioned white boxer shorts.

What Underwear?

When I was a young adult, I noticed a lot of men would wear blue jeans without any underwear at all. That didn’t make sense to me. Underwear is worn for a reason.

I suppose there are some men who still let things swing from left to right and back again, but people who practice sagging can’t get away with that. Not without showing their butt cracks to the world.

The Underwear that I Wear

Over the last few years, I’ve replaced all of my white briefs with colored briefs and colored boxer shorts. The colored briefs have p*nis holes and the boxer shorts do not. I don’t like white briefs because they start turning a pale yellow when they sit in drawers without being used. It must have something to do with the bleach.

Until today, I’ve worn Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and BVD brand underwear. Today, I’m wearing a pair of boxer shorts I got through a local catalog company, Nathaniel. The package says “innerwear”, whatever that means. It’s comfortable even if it doesn’t fit right (my belly makes the waistband roll down). I think it’s one size too large (XL versus L).

Oh well, I won’t have to buy any underwear for a long time because I think I have around 30 pairs. And where did “pair” come from when we’re talking about one item? We say a pair a panties, a pair of pants but we say only say bra? There’s definitely a pair there.

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By RT Cunningham
October 8, 2015

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