Do not Feed the Trolls – It only makes them Hungrier

trolls Trolls, in this context, are people with nothing better to do than to consume your time. They use arguments and hateful speech to change the subjects and feed their own egos.

Online trolls are crafty devils. Sometimes, you don’t even realize a person is trolling until he or she has already made you angry.

They’re worse than spammers. Spammers are trying to make a fast buck, one way or another, while trolls are just doing things to irritate people.

Ignoring the Trolls

I’ve been a victim of trolling on several occasions. The most recent event occurred mere hours ago. I learned my lesson a long time ago, while I was still running a pre-Internet bulletin board service. I didn’t respond to this latest attack and that’s the way I defeat them every time.

Trolling happens everywhere people can post comments. It happens in the comment section of websites and it happens in the comment responses on social networks. I see it on Facebook all the time.

I can understand why some websites have comments turned off to begin with. If the only comments seem to be coming from trolls and spammers, is it worth the effort of moderating?

Defeating Trolls Completely

The nuclear option, as I like to call it, is turning off the ability to post comments. You don’t have that capability on social networks because you don’t own the websites.

This is exactly what I do when trolls start posting nonsense on old articles. I use WordPress as my platform and it includes an option to close comments after a specified amount of days. I don’t use that option.

I’ll wait until someone attempts to abuse me with offensive remarks. I’ll remove the comments because they have no value to anyone and then I’ll close the comment section where the attack originated. I don’t have to do it too often, maybe once a year.

I suppose I should turn off the comment section on each of the older articles, but I don’t like doing it. Based on my experience with other websites I’ve owned, it sometimes takes months or years for people to comment on anything at all. It’s even worse with the rise of the social networks.

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