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Tripe Versus Truth and Nonsense Versus Sense

If you’re reading this from Facebook (because I share my articles on Facebook), most of what I’m about to say probably pertains to you. How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? How much of it’s truth and how much of it’s tripe (another word for useless nonsense, as opposed to the entrails that some people eat [ugh])? How much of what you see there makes sense and actually enriches your life in some way? I’m willing to bet there’s way more tripe than truth. From my perspective, there’s way more tripe.

Dishing Out Tripe When I Write

Yes, I know I can dish out tripe with the best of them. Well, at least it isn’t the food (what some people call food) version of tripe. I try hard not to do it on this website but you know, some of the nonsense articles draw more visitors than the serious ones.

I’ve experimented on Facebook. I’ve thrown out status updates that are as far out there as I get them. Pure tripe, in my opinion. Incredibly, they’ve drawn at least one or two opinionated comments. Over here, on this website, I’ve decided that I’m not going to write anything at all if all I can do is produce another batch of tripe. I mean, people can only stomach so much (it’s a pun, get it?).

Writing for the Sake of Writing

I know (or have known) people who write something on their websites every day. They have this mistaken belief that they have to write a lot and they have to write often. How else are they going to get consistent visitor counts and returning visitors? There’s so much wrong with that attitude that I wouldn’t know where to start in rebutting it.

People will read what someone writes if they find value in it. It’s that simple. It’s information people are after and what kind of information depends on the person. Sure, you can write something every day. If all you can write is what I see as little more than tripe, I don’t think you’re going to get the return visitors you think you’re going to get.

The Facebook Thing

The things I’ve avoided when it comes to writing are the things that polarize and galvanize readers. I’m talking about religion, politics and other social magnets. I don’t care for any of it and if I don’t care for it, I’m sure there many others who don’t care for it. That includes the people on Facebook.

Have you ever wondered why you have a thousand or more Facebook friends (I’m exaggerating) and only a few of them read your witty posts or look at your (insert favorite animal here) pictures? It’s because most of your Facebook friends are as sick of the tripe as I am. Frankly, I spend very little time on Facebook. Not only because it eats up time like nothing else but because of all the repetitive tripe. Yes, tripe.

Facebook can be used as a very powerful platform and for a variety of issues. Unfortunately, it seems like the same issues pop up on my feed every time I look at it. If I was to cooperate with every strange request I see on there, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

June 11, 2015

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