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Tricycle Drivers - Putting Two Relatives to Work Driving Trikes

tricycle My wife, Josie, bought two tricycles today. Each one is a motorized tricycle (colloquially called a “trike”), but not a public utility vehicle.

She put 10,000 pesos (around $200 USD) down for each of them and has to make payments of 3,000 (around $60 USD) pesos per month for each of them. The drivers, two of her brothers, will have to pay her a minimum “boundary” of 100 pesos (around $2.00 USD) each every day. The down payment was on us but the monthly payments are on them.

There are limited places the trikes can be driven since neither tricycle has a body tag. Body tags are required for public utility vehicles in Olongapo.

Tricycle Drivers don’t have Age Restrictions

Even though President Duterte is trying to do away with age restrictions, he has the Philippine Congress to deal with. I don’t know when or if the age restrictions will ever be lifted.

One brother is in his 40s and the other is in his 50s. Most of the good jobs need more than a high school education and an age of 35 or less.

The younger brother has had regular jobs off and on, but he has no official skills. He has one year of vocational education as an electrician. The older brother hasn’t had a regular job in his entire life.

Both have worked odd jobs over the years, but those jobs were labor jobs requiring very few skills. Jeepney and tricycle drivers can be of any age, as long as they can get the correct drivers license for their usage.

Helping Them to Help Themselves

We’ve helped both brothers (and they’re families) for years. We’re tired of supporting people who won’t find a way to support themselves. Buying a tricycle for each of them is the first step in making them self-sufficient.

I don’t know how things will turn out in the long run. I can only hope they’ll put the effort into doing enough driving to pay the boundary and feed their families at the same time. Josie is optimistic (as usual) but I’m pessimistic about it. I hope she’s right and I’m wrong.

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By RT Cunningham
July 5, 2017
Education and Employment