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Trick your Metabolism to get the most from Dieting and Exercise

There are both natural and artificial ways to boost your metabolism. The answer isn’t to speed up your metabolism but to make it work more effectively.

The only reason dieting is effective is because no one keeps to a specific diet program long enough for the body to get used to it.

A Diet doesn’t mean you’re Dieting

Diet programs have been around for so long that people forget to isolate the word “diet”. Your daily diet is an example. If you eat the same thing for breakfast all the time, it’s considered your breakfast diet.

Once you start eating the right foods, avoiding the bad foods, you can have a stable diet. If you go on a special diet (dieting), it means you have to disrupt your stable diet. You’re tricking your metabolism to work differently. It isn’t the dieting itself that does the job.

The Same Exercise Routine Loses Effectiveness over Time

When I was in the Marine Corps, the powers that be thought that running (in formation, I might add) was the best way to stay healthy. Boy, were they wrong! After my first couple of years, running didn’t do anything for me but make me tired and sweat a lot.

I had to find other ways to work out, on my time. I had to keep from gaining weight and pass the physical fitness test every three months. Running alone didn’t do the trick. I had to trick my metabolism into becoming more effective without interfering with the military thing.

Tricking your Metabolism

I’m going to start fasting a day a week and gradually work my way to multiple days. Whether those days become consecutive or not depends on how it makes me feel.

Fasting will trick my metabolism into thinking I’m getting too much to eat and will cause me to shed excess fat. I can’t afford to change my diet too much. My monthly budget won’t allow it.

Doing the same exercise every day doesn’t work. Circuit training works as long as you mix it up with a few different exercise routines. If your muscles aren’t sore the next day, you’re not doing it right. Even the most physically fit people you know get sore muscles after working out. They’re just very good at hiding it (some may actually like it).

I can’t exercise like I used to and it isn’t because I’m old (I’m 56). I had ankle and knee injuries while I was in the military (and one knee injury after the military) and I can’t do much more than walk. My belly sticks out too far to do push-ups the right way. Perhaps I’ll be able to do more when I shed about 50 pounds and get to where I was almost 20 years ago.

Alternating the foods you eat and changing exercise routines every day is the fastest way to enhance your metabolism. Fasting helps if you can do it and I’m not talking about partial or medical fasting. Fasting in this sense means drinking nothing but water and eating nothing at all from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor so please, get a second or third opinion. I write from experience and nothing more.

July 10, 2017

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