Are you tired of all the Social Network Nonsense yet?

- June 24, 2014

social network I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of some of the social network nonsense. I’m not talking about the basic feed options that allow me to communicate with family and friends. I’m talking about almost everything else. Some of it’s just plain annoying and some of it’s offensive. I don’t mind associating with my “social friends” (as opposed to real friends), but I really dislike some of the things I’m asked to watch or take part in. There are some conversations I’d rather not even know about.

My Social Networks

Although I belong to a few social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn), the only one I even look at every day is Facebook. A lot of my relatives and friends of the family are on Facebook and nowhere else.

I have external notifications turned on for the others, so I can be notified when I receive personal messages or a comments on posts I’ve shared. I don’t spend much time on those social network sites, which is far less than Facebook, which is still only a couple of times a day.

Social Network Politics

When it comes to politics, people are usually polarized in one direction or another. I don’t pay much attention to it. I care much more about what my government is doing and unfortunately, I find out about most of it through politically oriented posts.

It doesn’t matter if I detest one politician or another. I really don’t need to be reminded of it every day, or multiple times per day.

Social Network Games

The part about social network games that bothers me is not that they exist. The part that bothers me is that I get notified about and invited to every game my social friends play and there’s no way to turn it off.

I probably spend at least 10 minutes a day blocking notifications for every new game that appears on Facebook. I don’t think the Google Plus games use the same kind of system. Either that, or none of my connections there play games.

Social Network Selfies, Memes and… Cat Pictures!

Frankly, my wife is a lot more like me than I ever thought she could be. She’s annoyed by the same things I am. Why do people take so many selfies? And what about the faces? I have a niece who still does the “duckface” for every selfie she posts. That fad died out a long time ago. She’s a pretty girl, but that expression just makes her look stupid.

To be fair, I’ve probably seen as many pictures of dogs on Facebook as I have of cats. I’m just tired of seeing pictures of pets and it doesn’t matter what animal I’m looking at.

Memes are irritating because when one gets popular, it seems like everyone wants to copy and paste it or paste a modified version of it. I don’t want to scroll through more than a couple of pages at a time and those memes force me to scroll through ten times as many pages just to get past them.

The Social Network Conundrum

There are a few things I like about social networks and a lot of things I don’t like. And that’s how we get hooked on them – those few things tend to be irreplaceable. Things like sharing photos and sending and receiving personal messages through their facilities instead of using e-mail (because some people never check for new e-mail messages).

I publicize the articles from this site on my social networks. More people tend to comment in those places than they do here.

The most annoying thing about social networks and the one thing most likely to drive me away is the people who connect with me with the sole purpose of trying to sell me something (or get me involved in something).


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