Thousands of Dollars Later, Life is in the Way

United States dollars - making money I checked my Google AdSense account today and saw that I’ve made over 34,000 dollars since I started displaying advertising banners through AdSense. It’s chicken feed compared to what others have made. There’s a difference, of course. I can live without the extra income.

My monthly income through AdSense started decreasing after the last three months of 2011. I won’t go into the reasons but I’m sure it’s as much my fault as it is Google’s.

Hundreds instead of Thousands of Dollars

I now make hundreds of dollars a year instead of thousands. Why? Life is in the way. When I started with the online game, it was fun and it was easy. No one bothered me. Many of my nieces and nephews weren’t even born. Some of them are teenagers now.

One of my recent conversations with an online contact, William Asberry, included his question. Why am I making less than before?

The answer isn’t simple. Perhaps I just don’t care to put in the effort required to do so. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy spending more time with other people than I did before. Perhaps it’s because I’m busier with other details than I was before. I have a few examples to share.

Busy Work Keeps me Busy

This week, I’m upgrading my Linux operating system from Linux Mint version 17 to version 18 (which will be supported until 2021). It’ll be tedious because I have to copy my local files to an external hard drive before I can start the process.

This week, I’m moving my websites from Media Temple to Digital Ocean. I’ll be paying $5 a month instead of $30. This too is going to be tedious. I won’t have to change operating systems for at least another five years.

Every Saturday, I’m teaching English to a lot of my nieces and nephews. They’re the ones living in my compound, though I’ve invited those who live elsewhere. Each of them have varying degrees of fluency and I can only have a decent conversation in English with two of them.

Something always seems to come up during the rest of the week. Needless to say, I have to do other things besides sitting in front of a computer screen.

Thousands instead of Hundreds of Dollars

Perhaps it’s an age thing or something. I’m quite sure I could make thousands of dollars a year instead of hundreds if I put my mind to it. I’ve done it before so I know I could do it again.

The problem is that I don’t have the will (the want, the desire) to do much more than I’m doing today. I’m a pretty happy person. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make me this way.

I avoid anything that seems like work. Writing here, on this website, doesn’t seem like work and that’s because I won’t chase my tail with it. In other words, I won’t do more than what’s absolutely necessary to attract visitors.

And I like it this way.

July 2, 2016


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William Asberry (2016)

RT - The website switch to Digital Ocean is a money maker in itself. Thus, putting $300.00 back into your pocket on an annual basis. You bring up some valid points about how a person's income can go in decline. But it's not due to poor management. I've seen your work. You are a wonderful writer.

The larger family unit with kids does play a huge role in how much time we spend in cyber space. Your investment into your family say's a lot about who you are! While your readers may get less of you, your family enjoys the wealth of your TIME. Keep up the great job in balancing work and play!

Love the stories! Bill

Blackdove (2016)

Could you elaborate? Why the drop in earnings? Lesser quantity of posts?

RT Cunningham (2016)

It's partly due to Google's algorithm changes and partly because of visitor behavior. People don't click on banner ads like they used to. Of course, I'm also avoiding controversy, which is something I didn't used to do.

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