Testing My Custom WordPress Theme – Please Don’t Laugh

- July 23, 2017

WordPress theme It’s only been three days since I announced I was working on a custom WordPress theme. I actually started working on it a couple of days before that.

I neglected a lot of things I usually do during my daily routines. It would never get done if I didn’t. It’s done, but I’m sure there’s a bunch of things I need to fix. I caught errors after publishing this article.

I’m Live Testing My Custom WordPress Theme

I could probably spend a lot more days checking every facet before going live. I decided to go live with my WordPress theme so I can test it on other devices, mainly cell phones. Creating subdomains, installing WordPress on them and setting them up is a pain. I’d rather not.

I didn’t follow any conventional guidelines. I practically ignored the theme guide for WordPress developers. With a single “index.php” file, I used WordPress conditional tags and a bunch of “if” statements to separate the logic.

I added code before “the_content()” and I added code after it. I’m also using a “functions.php” file within the theme directory for the things I can’t edit directly. Feel free to look at the source of this page.

I decided to use the Open Sans Google Font and Font Awesome. It makes some things easier to manipulate, like social buttons.

Please Test My WordPress Theme

And let me know my design skills suck more than I think they do. I didn’t use “hamburger” or “more’ icons for the sidebars. I used plain text and CSS for the buttons.

Feel free to criticize anything about this WordPress theme. I once wrote (somewhere) that I have absolutely no artistic talent. It won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me I suck.

If I’m lucky, I’ll fix any errors you come across before you get a chance to tell me about them. I’ll be testing loading speed and I’ll be checking file sizes. I’m not using jQuery and I only have one local CSS file.

Please post comments. You can post comments as a guest. I moderate them as soon I can.


I discovered a ton of errors after I uploaded the changes the first time. The “Viewport Resizer” extension for Chrome lies. The layout on it didn’t match my Android phone.

I removed the “more” button and that sidebar. It really wasn’t necessary to begin with.


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