Tablets vs. Everything Else for Viewing Websites and Everyday Use

- July 27, 2017

tablets I enabled Google Analytics on this website a little over a month ago. I wanted to see how tablets compared to desktop computers and cell phones for people viewing this website.

What I discovered over a 30-day period opened my eyes a bit. Based on my findings, targeting cell phone users more than desktop and tablet users is a good idea. I started with my custom WordPress theme on a hunch but perhaps I can do more.

Visitors using Tablets

Over the 30-day period, here’s the device breakdown:

I’ll check again after 90 days but the results will probably be similar. The numbers tell me, as far as this website goes, I should focus on cell phones the most.

Tablets for Everyday Use

Tablets are probably used a lot more for things other than visiting websites. Based on my observations, they seem more suited for watching videos and playing video games than anything else. That’s what I see happening every day with my relatives. One, in particular, watches YouTube videos of other people playing video games.

I want a tablet for watching videos in bed with my wife, Josie. It’s how she falls asleep. My Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is just a little too small. It’s what I’m using until I can afford a tablet, which isn’t high on my priority list. The 7-inch size will probably work just as well as a larger size.

I think cell phone zombies use cell phones specifically because they only need to use one hand. Tablets, even the smaller ones, need two hands to work with effectively.


I honestly don’t know what it’s like in the United States. I won’t know unless I do a lot of research. In the Philippines, tablets and cell phones are a lot less expensive than desktop computers (including laptops). That is, as long as you stay away from the Apple, Sony and Samsung brand names (and others I can’t think of at the moment).

I can browse the Lazada Philippines online store and find good tablets and cell phones for under $100 USD. The Alcatel brand (a French company now under the Nokia brand name) is comparable to the Samsung brand, only a lot less expensive. Cherry Mobile, a Philippines company, sells products for even less.


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