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I Lost My Super Powers when I Cut Off All My Hair Recently

superhero super powers According to some of my relatives here in the Philippines, I lost my super powers when I cut off all my hair around the 10th of the month, days ago. Their reasoning? I never seem to get sick and the first time I cut my hair this short, I got sick.

They’re trying to compare me to Samson (from the bible) but without a Delilah to trip me up. That’s a bit extreme but it makes sense. I get sick on occasion, just like anyone. I usually get over the worst colds and things like that quickly. This time, it took longer just to get rid of a fever.

I don’t know why I decided to have all my hair cut off. It’s not something I do very often.

Super Powers

You can laugh all you want. Everyone has a super power of some kind. Some people are more athletic than others. Some people are more prone to technical details than others. I could go on like this all day.

The problem has nothing to do with whether you have the right super powers or not. The problem has everything to do with disrupting the super powers you already have.

I Didn’t Shave My Head

No one seems to notice when my male in-laws shave their heads to the skin. I had my hair cut really close, but left about a 16th of an inch of hair all around. Everyone noticed, even the neighbors.

I’ve never shaved my head to the skin. Not counting my early years (below the age of 5, that I can’t remember), I can tell you every time I’ve cut my hair as short as this (but I won’t). Four times, one of which was when I entered Marine Corps basic training.

Again, I don’t know why I decided to have all my hair cut off. Really short would have been enough to feel “lighter”. Obviously, I made a mistake. I lost my super powers. This is something I won’t ever repeat unless I’m ready to die.

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By RT Cunningham
September 25, 2016

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