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Sugar Free and Sugar Substitute Free Black Coffee

sugar I’ve been trying to cut as much sugar out of my daily diet as possible. It’s difficult because sugar (and high fructose corn syrup) seems to be added to so many things. I now read labels when I have choices.

Unfortunately, I usually have only one choice, to eat it or drink it or not.

Sugar Substitutes

I don’t like artificial sweeteners and some sugar substitutes are exactly that. I could never stand anything with sodium saccharin or aspartame in it. Diet soft drinks can have either. Diet Shasta soft drinks and one variation of Diet Coke use sucralose (Coke with Splenda).

I was using sucralose (Splenda or a generic brand) with my coffee for months. Then I switched to stevia (another generic brand). At restaurants, I only needed to look for the yellow or green packets that represented either one.

Today, I drank completely black coffee (no sweetener or creamer) for the first time in more than 35 years. I brewed a 12-cup coffee maker pot with three tablespoons of ground coffee. Some people recommend nine or more tablespoons per pot. That’s way too strong for me, even with a sweetener and a creamer.

Sure, it’ll take time to get used to drinking coffee without any kind of sweetener. Eventually, perhaps months, adding sugar or a substitute to my coffee will probably make me nauseous.

Sleeping Better and Longer

People think caffeine keeps them awake. I beg to differ. The caffeine in coffee never affected me one way or the other. Sugar was the culprit, but not anymore. When I switched from sugar to a substitute, I started sleeping better almost immediately. Over time, I started sleeping longer than the six hours I’d become accustomed to sleeping.

I didn’t just cut out sugar from my coffee, I cut it from everything I could. If I could find plain, unsweetened, certain kinds of breakfast cereal, that’s what I ate. Like shredded wheat, but not like corn flakes. I want fiber when I eat breakfast cereal because it’s constipation’s worst enemy.

Losing Fat but Not Losing Weight

I’ve experienced little fat loss in recent months, but I’ve probably gained weight. I won’t get into detail, but I’ve increased muscle mass in certain areas. Unfortunately, my belly looks as fat as ever. I tried a ketogenic diet but I didn’t lose any fat or weight. It’s probably because I couldn’t reduce my carbohydrate intake enough to enter ketosis.

I thought cutting sugar out of my diet would help me enter ketosis, but it didn’t help at all. I’m no longer trying to maintain a keto diet, but I still avoid carbs as much as possible and sugar is nothing but carbs.

I stopped using sucralose and stevia in my coffee because I’m not convinced they’re any better than sugar. Sure, they may have no calories, but what do they become after they metabolize? I prefer not taking chances. My father lived to 85 and didn’t add sugar to anything. Perhaps if I do the same, I’ll live just as long.

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By RT Cunningham
June 23, 2019
Coffee, Food and Drink, Health