Styx – One of the Greatest Rock Bands before Dennis DeYoung Left Them

October 25, 2016

> Styx was another of the greatest rock bands of all time, at least until after the “Kilroy Was Here” album came out in 1983.

I mentioned being in Singapore in 1983 when I wrote about Foreigner. I also picked up some Styx albums while I was there, including the “Kilroy Was Here” album. I’m almost sure they were pirated copies (on compact cassette tapes).

Whenever we have a karaoke machine in our compound, someone will inevitably try to get me to sing one of the hits by Styx, usually “Babe” (along with a few Filipino language hits). In the last couple of years, I’ve opted to NOT sing any karaoke songs at all. After doing the karaoke thing for years, I can totally understand why professional singers have to take long breaks between sessions.

Styx and “Kilroy Was Here”

More of a rock opera than anything else, this album generated a huge following. It wasn’t their best but it still attained platinum certification status.

“Mr. Roboto” is probably most responsible for the platinum status. I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember it being used in a Volkswagen commercial on television.

For whatever reasons, the band members couldn’t seem to get along with each other after this album. I think it had a lot to do with jealousy (directed mostly at Dennis DeYoung, without whom the band wouldn’t have even existed).

Babe – 1979

This is the song my wife, Josie, always wants me to sing when we do the karaoke thing. Unless I’ve been drinking too much, I usually refuse. I’m a baritone, not a tenor. Most rock stars are tenors.

The Best of Times – 1981

This one is actually my favorite.

Lady – 1973 and 1995

I like the 1973 version better, but here’s both of them so you can decide for yourself.

The 1973 version:


The 1995 version:


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