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A New USB Flash Drive and a New Micro SD Card for Storing Music

SanDisk Cruzer Edge - storing music I tend to be lazy when it comes to getting the things I need. I needed more places for storing music and I finally broke down this morning and took a trip to the Harbor Point Ayala Mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

I wanted a USB flash drive of more than 16 GB and MicroSD card of more than 16 GB. The first place I looked (cd-r king) didn’t have any USB flash drives larger than 8 GB. They sent me to another store in the mall, PCWORX. I bought what I needed and got out of there before I decided to buy more stuff.

Storing Music in Multiple Places

Honestly, I didn’t think of storing music on anything other than hard disk drives (HDDs) until a few days ago, when I picked up my new car. I’ve moved MP3 files more times than I can remember, but it always from an internal HDD to and external HDD and vice-versa.

I’ve had a few USB flash drives over the years, but the biggest I’ve ever had was 16 GB. One of my relatives borrowed that one and ruined it. It doesn’t matter because my MP3 collection is just under 20 GB.

Storing Music on a SanDisk USB Cruzer Edge – 32 GB

I have two laptop computers and I use both for playing music, both indoors and out. MusicBee is my preferred music player on Windows these days. I did a quick format on the USB flash drive to remove whatever was already on it and to make sure it was formatted as FAT32. I want to be able to use it when I’m using Linux Mint (the dual-boot method) as well.

It’s going to take hours to copy all the files over. When I’m done, I’ll be able to use it with either laptop easier than ever before. I’ll also be able to use it in my car, once I figure out how (I have to read the owner’s manual). There’s a USB port in the glove compartment.

Storing Music on a SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC – 32 GB

When I received my Samsung Galaxy S4 (from my wife who got it from our younger son), it didn’t have a micro SD card in it. It had 8 gigabytes (of 16) of internal storage space available. Unlike the laptop computers, I knew I wanted a micro SD card of at least 32 GB from the day I received it.

I’ll only be storing music on that micro SD card. I don’t use my phone for a lot of anything else. The internal storage will last forever for everything but music. I don’t have to use one of my laptop computers to play music anymore, unless I’m playing music for others.

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By RT Cunningham
October 6, 2015

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