Stop Complaining and Do Something

boy complaining A few hours ago, I did something I thought I would never do again (something I did on an old website). I removed articles. Most of those that I removed made it seem like I was complaining. It doesn’t matter what I was complaining about. When I reread them, it sounded like I was whining like a little boy. I obviously wrote them when I was feeling depressed or negative about whatever it was that I was writing about. I can’t have that. It’s better if I write nothing than to write something while in a negative mood.

Stop Complaining

That’s the problem with complainers (whiners or whingers). We complain about certain things and then we never do anything about them. When I get on Facebook, I see a lot of that stuff. I try to skip over it when I can.

I’ve resolved to stop complaining unless I plan to do something about whatever is that I’m complaining about. Otherwise, I’m just complaining to the wind.

I used to know a guy (now deceased) who would call me and complain to me about everything. He’d tell me what certain people (usually government officials) should do and after a few minutes of listening, I’d tell him he was complaining to the wrong person. He would say that I knew what to do with his complaints. I’ve never been that important or connected.

Complaint Department

Perhaps I should set up something like a complaint department. Visitors could complain about anything and the rest of the visitors could vote on and reply to each complaint. On second thought, that would probably get old really fast.

When I was young, my customary reply to someone complaining to me about something (something I had no control over) was that I wasn’t the complaint department.

Do Something

I’m going to do something about the things I’ve complained about. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’s going to be something.

If you’re a complaining person, especially a chronic complainer, think about what you’re whining about before you start whining. Most people tire of your complaints long before you finish.

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