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The Star Trek Timeline - These Are Only My Opinions

Star Trek Enterprise 2009While I was searching for something to watch over the Christmas holiday season, I realized it has been many years since I watched the first, original Star Trek series. Sure, I watched three or four episodes as recently as 2014 (after they were remastered and enhanced), but the last time I watched all of them had to have been in the mid-1970s, as syndicated reruns.

The first Star Trek anything began in 1966, with the introduction of the original series. Although merely titled “Star Trek” back then, it was subsequently retronymed as “Star Trek: The Original Series” (abbreviated as “Star Trek: TOS”) sometime in the 1980s. It differentiates it from the newer series and movies with “Star Trek” in the title.

The Original Star Trek Timeline

My opinions may not match up with any of the Star Trek fans out there, but then I’m not a “Trekkie” or “Trekker”. I don’t collect all things Star Trek. I don’t think I have anything other than a couple of old DVD copies of the oldest movies lying around at my house in the Philippines. Maybe not. I haven’t looked at my DVD collection in more than 10 years.

As far as I’m concerned, nothing exists prior to the original series in the original timeline. I’ll explain myself, of course. The original series included a couple of time travel episodes and I have to assume the events depicted didn’t alter the existing timeline.

The Second Star Trek Timeline

The second timeline was not the introduction of what’s commonly referred to as the Kelvin timeline. It was the new timeline created by the “Star Trek: First Contact” story. The Borg altered it before the Enterprise crew arrived in the year 2063. They had to make sure Zefram Cochrane went through with the first warp drive test, thus altering his behavior in the new timeline.

The timeline to that point was the original series, the movies with the original cast, the next generation series and then the first contact movie. When the crew returned to their present day, they had no way of knowing what effect their actions had on the timeline. “Avengers: Endgame” says time travel doesn’t work that way, but you can believe whatever fiction you like. I believe they created a new timeline, very close to what it was before.

The Third Star Trek Timeline

The third timeline was created by the Kelvin incident, when Nero traveled to the past before Kirk was born. To me, that means three separate timelines and three separate realities. True fans will probably disagree with me.

Here is a list of all the television series and movies, in the proper order. I have no way of knowing what comic books and novels are considered canon.

As you can see, it’s confusing. A Wikipedia page on the timelines is just as confusing. From what I understand, the new “Picard” series (which hasn’t aired yet) takes place during the last two episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In my opinion, the “Terminator” franchise is way more confusing.

Photo Attribution: Gerhard Janson at Pixabay

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December 26, 2019
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