Splitting this Website into Multiple Parts is Keeping Me Busy

I’ve been busy. I’ve taken this website and split it into three parts. Well, kind of.

The three parts still represent the whole. Slicing away a couple of the parts will make it easier for me to focus on those individual parts. The “satellite” parts should perform better separately with the search engines as well.

Satellite Websites on Subdomains

My music site, “Music Notes“, is at the music.rtcx.net subdomain. My coffee site, “Coffee Corner“, is at the coffee.rtcx.net subdomain.

It’s taken me far longer than it should have and I’m not even close to being where I want to be. I realized, after I created the new websites as pure AMP websites, that I needed four application IDs for the Facebook ingredients. And I was having trouble connecting to Facebook from my laptop for some reason.

When I start having connection problems, the best thing for me to do is walk away. Sometimes, I tend to walk away for more than a day at a time.

The Programming Aspect

I don’t know who or what to blame. It could have been my failure to concentrate or it could have been one of many interruptions. It took me far too long to copy and change existing scripts and functions.

I made a lot of mistakes, something I never would have done a few years ago. The only saving grace is that I can test everything on my laptop before uploading anything.

There are several components to each website. I have a WordPress website set up for each on my laptop. The “theme” is a single web page, using conditions for branching. A script alters the output to make it work online instead of off. I call it my “WordPress Static Site Generator”.

The devil is in the details. One mistake in any of the parts means I have to go back and check everything. Basically starting over, but not quite from scratch.

At least I’m done with the programming aspect. Now all I have to do is move and rewrite content. And create more content, of course.

April 8, 2018
Web Development

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