“Games People Play” – The Spinners – R&B – 1975 (and more)

The Spinners - 1965 I heard this song by The Spinners for the first time when I was 16 or 17, in late 1977. I didn’t know the title and I didn’t know who sung it but I liked the song enough to call the radio station’s request line.

For whatever reason, the radio station couldn’t tell me what I wanted to know. Over the years, every time I tried to find out, I failed miserably. Before getting on the Internet became a thing, it was almost impossible to find information like this.

It wasn’t until I found the song on YouTube (and only within the last few years) that I knew exactly what I wanted to know.

The Spinners

The Wikipedia page can tell you far more about the group than I care to write today. It’s an R&B group that still exists, although only one original member remains.

“Games People Play” is the title of songs by Joe South, The Alan Parsons Project and cover bands for those versions. If I didn’t listen to dozens of songs before finding the The Spinners song, I probably wouldn’t have found it at all.

Once I found it, I found other songs by The Spinners that I liked but never knew what they were. “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love?” of 1972 and “Working My Way Back To You” of 1979 are a couple I found. By the way, “Working My Way Back To You” was a newer version of the original by The Four Seasons of 1966. The Spinners version is better, in my opinion.

Games People Play (LP Version) – 1975



Could It Be I’m Falling Love? – 1972



Working My Way Back to You – 1979



My Standard YouTube Disclaimer

Most modern recording artists have official videos uploaded to YouTube. There are no official videos for a lot of the older recording artists. Such is the case with The Spinners.

I’m probably going to be repeating this disclaimer again and again. It’s inevitable that some of the embedded videos will disappear from YouTube for one reason or another. I’ll replace the embedded videos when I can, once I find they’ve been removed from YouTube (there’s no automated way, so it could be a while unless someone points it out to me).

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