Spandau Ballet – There’s No Actual Ballet with this Band

Spandau Ballet When I first heard “True” by Spandau Ballet in 1983, I bought the album of the same name (on a music cassette tape). The only other song on the album that I like is “Gold”. I don’t remember if singles were still being sold at the time but it doesn’t matter. I had no way to play them.

Singles were never sold on music cassettes. At one time there was a professional mixtape service that would record a bunch of singles on to a single tape (legally), but I never used it. I wonder if that service (or something like it) is where Apple got the idea for iTunes. You know, the idea of selling single tracks from an album so people won’t have to buy an album to get the one song they like.

Spandau Ballet and True

While I was reading the Wikipedia page for “True”, I made a mental note of it being woefully incomplete. The person or people who put it together probably did the best they could with the information publicly available.

The section on “Covers and samples” doesn’t mention the music artists in the Philippines who’ve covered the song. That information probably isn’t readily available but you would think that they would at least mention that multiple Filipino artists covered it.

Some people may like P.M. Dawn’s 1991 hit, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”, which sampled the song but I’m not one of those people.

The section on “Appearances in media” is probably incomplete as well. It seems I’ve heard it as background music in way more places than mentioned in that section. Perhaps I heard only samples but I really can’t be sure.

While I’ve lived in the Philippines (quickly approaching 11 years), I’ve heard this song on television and being sung by local karaoke wannabes more times than I can possibly count.

True – 1983

Gold – 1983


October 28, 2016


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