Smartphone Issues – Applications, Batteries and Cables

- March 28, 2017

smartphone Why is that I always have issues with a smartphone to deal with? I don’t remember having any issues with the old-style mobile phones (dumb phones). Of course, they couldn’t do the things the modern mobile phones can do.

All the issues seem to do with certain applications, batteries going bad and USB cables. The applications could be unwanted or simply misbehaving. When my wife, Josie, went on vacation, we swapped phones so I could work on hers. It’s only been a couple of days, but I already miss my phone.

Disabling Applications on a Smartphone

Josie has a Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t know how she put up with some of the notifications that always popped up. One of the most annoying was caused by the Knox application. It can’t be uninstalled and it can’t be turned off completely.

I downloaded the “KingoRoot” application (it wasn’t available in the Play Store) and installed it. The rooting function failed the first time and I had to install it again to get it to work. I then installed the “Disable Service” application from the Play Store.

I was able to disable everything that had to do with the Knox application, along with a lot of other bloatware. The only notifications I see now have to do with Facebook and other applications Josie likes to use.

The Smartphone Charger and USB Cable

I’ve heard a few horror stories and I won’t repeat them. It’s rarely the USB port at fault. I had to replace the USB cable. It would only work intermittently.

I had to replace the USB cable for my phone months ago for the same reason. Sometimes chargers go bad, but it hasn’t happened to me yet.

The Smartphone Battery

Some batteries last longer than others. I’ll be replacing this battery on payday. It won’t charge past 85 percent and it drains really fast, even in power-saving mode.

Luckily, the Samsung batteries aren’t terribly expensive. At least, not for this model. I should be able to pick one up for 600 pesos or less, probably less than 500 (less than $10 USD).


I bought a battery, a few days later, at the Samsung store in the SM City Olongapo mall. The new battery cost me 1625.00 pesos (around $32) and it included a three-month warranty. It was more expensive than I anticipated but worth it. Josie’s phone once again works the way it’s supposed to work.

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