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I need a Sling Bag even though I don’t want one

sling bag The reason I need a sling bag for men is because I have to carry a bunch of stuff when I go out and my pockets don’t do the trick for me anymore.

Pockets are good for keys, coins and wallets (which isn’t a good idea these days) and not much of anything else.

Sling bags for men are different from sling bags for women, hence the need for emphasis. A man carrying a woman’s sling bag would look just a little too feminine for my tastes. I don’t want a sling bag because I don’t like carrying anything extra, but I absolutely need one.

Shopping for a Sling Bag

Out of curiosity, I looked up “sling bag” at Wikipedia and I was redirected to “Messenger bag”. Apparently, sling bags are just smaller versions of messenger bags.

According to the Wikipedia article, they’re also called “courier bags” and “carryalls”. Whatever they’re called, they’re not the same as hand bags or purses. They’re designed to be functional for more than just shoving a bunch a stuff in one big “pocket”.

I hate shopping. I probably hate it more than the average man who says he hates shopping. Nevertheless, shopping is something I must do to acquire the things I need.

I prefer looking up items online before I go shopping so I can know what to expect. I’m not promoting the website, but has a lot of good examples.

Locally, I’ll be going to the SM City Olongapo mall and the Harbor Point mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and in no particular order. I don’t want an expensive sling bag and I don’t want a cheap sling bag. A cheap one won’t last long at all. I’ve seen the book bags parents buy for their kids and they tend to fall apart in about three months. I need something that will last a lot longer and I’ll be paying close attention to the construction, probably more than the appearance.

The Reason I need a Sling Bag

I’ve probably needed something like a sling bag for some time. I’m always shoving things in my trouser pockets that don’t belong in pockets. Without some kind of bag, I have no other way to carry them.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, to abuse a cliché, is the fact that I now have to carry around a smartphone. It’s bigger than a regular cell phone (a dumb phone) and sticking it in my back pocket is a recipe for disaster. I can’t leave it in my room. Josie (my wife) already does that with hers so I’m kind of obligated to be the point of contact for both of us.

Men have carried around belly packs and butt packs for years but they never became common fashion accessories. I can’t stand having something around my waist other than the belt that holds up my trousers and I don’t consider a sling bag a fashion accessory. Maybe women and other men do.

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By RT Cunningham
November 1, 2015

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