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Sit-N-Bull Restaurant, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City

Me and my entourage (my wife Josie, daughter-in-law Cathy and bilas Alex) stopped for brunch at the Sit-N-Bull Restaurant in Barrio Barretto this morning. It was after I hit all the banks I needed to hit (like I do every payday) and before doing any grocery shopping. The hot season isn’t quite over yet and I didn’t want food (inside the car) going to waste while we sat inside the restaurant.

Sit-N-Bull Bar and Grill

I could sit here and write a review, but I won’t. Simply saying the food was worth more than the 1700 pesos (around $37 USD) I paid for all four of us should tell you more than enough about what I think of the place. I paid way more than that 15 years ago at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and I wasn’t satisfied. Today, I was definitely satisfied. The only thing I didn’t like was being a little warm inside the building, which I promptly forgot about once I started eating.

If you Google for “sit-n-bull subic”, you’ll find dozens of websites with positive reviews. In fact, it’s ranked #1 of 46 at TripAdvisor.

You can find the official Facebook page at Sitnbull Subic and an unofficial review page at Sit N Bull. Restaurant. Baretto. There may be more.

No Official Website

I had a chance to talk to the owner of Sit-N-Bull briefly before paying the check. I don’t want to insult him but I really don’t remember his name (though I think it’s Ron). Someone should correct me if I’m wrong.

I left him my mobile phone number and my name. I offered to build him a website at no charge. I’ll be surprised if he takes me up on the offer. After all, his plate is pretty full (pun intended).

The thing I wanted to emphasize, but didn’t, is that people search the web proper more often than Facebook or any other social network. Having your own website out there is far more effective than riding the coat tails of some other site, no matter how big that other site happens to be.

Finding Sit-N-Bull

It’s easy to find, even if you don’t have a map or a GPS. Drive along the main road until you see the “By The Sea Resort”. Turn left if you’re going south or right if you’re going north. You can’t miss it once you’ve made the turn. Those are the directions I was given and they worked for me.

There’s another Sit-N-Bull (Sit-N-Bull 2, I believe) but I think it’s just a bar and I don’t know where it is. I went there for the food, not the booze. I haven’t stepped foot in a bar intentionally in more than 17 years.

June 2, 2016
Food and Drink

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