Shithole Countries – Impoverished or Developing Countries

shithole countries I read the story about President Trump’s comment on “shithole countries” at the CNN website. Like a lot of stories on CNN, they latched on to something he said behind closed doors and turned it into an issue.

These are the liberals who refused to attack the agendas of President Obama when he was in office for fear of being called racists. They have no problem, however, attaching that label to Trump every chance they get.

Shithole Countries

Whether Trump used “shithole” or not, it’s something many Americans are thinking when it comes to the countries people migrate from. In fact, I’ve heard far worse terms being used.

Chew on this for a moment. If those countries are such great places to live, why are so many people from those countries trying to get into the United States?

The politically correct way of describing those countries are the terms “impoverished” or “developing”. Even “third world” seems derogatory these days. The country I live in today, the Philippines, isn’t a great country to live in for many of its residents. I’ve heard it described as a shithole on many occasions and not only by Americans.

Shithole isn’t a Racist Term

Is it Trump’s fault that most people in impoverished countries aren’t white people? No. It doesn’t make it racist to call out areas that are predominately non-white. Leave it to the liberals to look for any excuse to call Trump a racist. With impunity, I might add.

Regardless of all this nonsense, this is something that shouldn’t have been reported anyway. What’s said behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. Right or wrong. Closed doors means private, not public.

I don’t pay attention to politics very much. It tends to make me ill. I’m not afraid, however, to call things as I see them. Or use “colorful metaphors” like “shithole”.

January 12, 2018

United States

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