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Are You Searching for Where to Buy Postum?

Postum If you’re not searching for the cereal beverage known as Postum, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you are, then you’ve almost come to the right place. I don’t sell it and I never have. Yes, I actually had people ask me to sell them some after I wrote a couple of articles on my old blog. You won’t find any recipes here either, if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m sure you can find them somewhere else online.

If you want to buy Postum, you need to go to here and get it from the company that now makes it.

My One and Only Experience with Postum

I was tricked into trying Postum sometime in 1979. One morning while was on leave from the military, I was looking to make myself a cup of coffee. There wasn’t any coffee brewed and there wasn’t any instant coffee in the house. One of my sisters offered to brew some coffee for me. I left and returned in about an hour and she handed me a cup. My mouth, my tongue and my mind were all ready for the soothing taste of fresh coffee. When I took a sip from the cup, I was mentally and physically assaulted by a taste that was completely foreign to me. After complaining and asking what was wrong with the coffee, she confessed she’d made a cup of Postum instead because there wasn’t any coffee at all in the house. The only reason it was in the house is because some of my Mormon relatives kept a jar there for their visits. I left to get coffee from a local restaurant. That was the last time I ever physically saw or tasted Postum in my life.

According to Wikipedia and other confirming websites, Postum is a cereal beverage invented by Charles William Post (founder of Post, Texas) in 1895 and marketed as a coffee substitute. Yes, the same Post that makes breakfast cereal. Unlike decaffeinated coffee, Postum is naturally caffeine free, consisting of mostly wheat and molasses. I may have actually liked it, had my sister prepared it the right way.

While Postum is made of grain and other innocuous stuff, it has more carbohydrates than coffee, especially after you doctor it up with sweeteners and creamers. Coffee, however, can cause problems for some people. It you drink too much at a time, you can get severe heartburn. I know that from experience.

When Postum wasn’t Available

I wrote those articles in early 2007, before Kraft Foods discontinued Postum later in the fall. Some people started paying a lot of money for the last jars available anywhere. I saw it going for a lot more than it was worth on eBay.

Kraft licensed the Postum trademark to Eliza’s Quest Food in 2012 and the original product became available again in 2013. Believe or not, I just found that out today.

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By RT Cunningham
January 30, 2014