Scam Site List – Websites you Should Ignore if you Value your Time

scam sign There are websites that will scam you out of your hard-earned money. I’m focusing on the ones that don’t ask for money, those that want you to register and refer their sites.

If you want to find scam complaints on particular websites, I suggest you visit the work at home programs Scambook area.

I intend to keep this list as updated as possible, like all the other lists I’ve published here. It helps if people tell me about them as well.

Active Scam Sites

These are the active scam sites I know about:

Former Scam Sites that Redirect to Active Sites

These are former active scam sites that point to other sites:

Former Scam Sites that are Parked or No Longer Resolve

These domain names are parked or no longer resolve:

The reason I’ve included the domains that redirect and the domains that seem to be dead is because they may reappear later. The domain names may still be active even if the scam artists aren’t using them now.

There are Better Ways to Make Money

I’ve mentioned my offer a few times and this article gives more details. So far, I’ve received a lot of inquiries but no takers.

My offer is just one of many you can come across if you look hard enough. Legitimate offers take time and patience before you actually make money. If you’re looking for overnight success, you may get scammed more often than not.

Please do some research on any website offering to help you make money quickly. If you dig enough, you may find their offer being too good to be true.

July 6, 2017

Personal Finance

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