New (but not new) Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones for the Wife and I

Samsung Galaxy S4 My wife, Josie, just returned from England yesterday after a five-month visit (closer to six, really, but under six because her visa maxed out at six). Our older son, Joseph, gave Josie a Samsung Galaxy S3 shortly after she arrived there. She brought it back to the Philippines along with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Our younger son, Jonathan, sent the S4 to her when he upgraded to an S6. Since I knew she really liked the S3, I told her the S4 was mine. She didn’t argue the point even though I expected her to do so.

Unlocking Both Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

Joseph tried to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 while Josie was still in England and without success. When she returned home, I tried to do the same thing and for both phones. I had no luck whatsoever. After less than 24 hours, I gave up.

There are shops set up in SM City Olongapo that specialize in doing things with mobile phones. They provide new lines, unlock phones, replace batteries and other things I’m clueless about. I handed a bilas of mine (a brother-in-law’s wife) a thousand pesos this morning and asked her to get both phones unlocked. The first shop she went to wanted 700 pesos for each and the second shop only wanted 400 each. So, for less than $20 USD, both phones got completely unlocked today.

Night and Day

The difference between what I was using until now and what I’m using now is like the difference between night and day. I was using an O Plus (O+) low-end mobile phone. That model retails for about 3500 pesos or about $75 USD. Not an expensive phone at all. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S4 retails for far more. If it was new, it would be over $500 USD.

I have 35 megabytes of internal storage free on the O Plus phone. I have more than 8 gigabytes free on the S4. Before he sent it to his mother, Jonathan reset the phone to factory specs. Once I remove all the nonsense applications, I could have even more space available. It really doesn’t matter because I can now use all the apps I wanted to use on the O Plus but couldn’t because of the lack of internal storage space.

The screen on both Samsung mobile phones is bigger than those on the O Plus phone we were using (that we’re no longer using). Josie loves to use hers. She couldn’t sleep well last night (jet lag and all that) and I woke up a couple of times to see her doing the Facebook thing with hers.

Teach Your Children Well

Filipinos teach their children family values, something that is sorely lacking in the society of today in the United States. My children treat Josie and I like most people would like their children to treat them. My children aren’t greedy or selfish. Well, they probably are to an extent, but not when it comes to family.

I am extremely thankful that Josie taught the children the same family values she was raised with. Even with the American influence they were exposed to while growing up in the United States, they still behave like Filipino parents would expect. Now, Josie’s the Filipino and I’m not, but I adapted to the culture in the first couple of years of marriage.

If it wasn’t for the family values I mentioned, neither son would have had any wish whatsoever to give their old Samsung phones to either of us. They’d probably have offered to sell them to us.

August 27, 2015


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