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Dealing with the Rude Neighbors in My Neighborhood

karaoke - rude neighbors Josie (my wife) and I have rude neighbors. I’m not talking about the next door neighbors who share our compound because they have sense. Nope, I’m talking about the rest of the neighbors. In our hilly neighborhood, we have neighbors in every direction. Some of them are related to us or one of our other relatives, but most aren’t. We deal with these neighbors in the kindest way we can think of, but not always. It depends.

Rude Neighbors and Loud Music

Most of the loud music in my Olongapo City neighborhood is generated by karaoke machines. Not always, of course. Karaoke singing doesn’t bother us unless the neighbors keep it going until the wee hours of the morning. That’s a no-no during school days because the children need to sleep. I don’t have any children young enough to go to school, but the relatives in my compound do.

When it comes to generating noise by Karaoke, we’re as guilty as anyone else. The difference is that we respect our neighbors. We never go beyond 1am on weekends or beyond 9pm on weekdays. We rarely do it on weekdays and when we do, it’s usually because of a holiday or something. We live in a “suburb”, not in what’s considered the downtown area, so it’s legal.

When it’s not karaoke and it’s annoying, I like to bring out my mini-laptop with 15 gigabytes of music on it. I have some speakers that can really crank up the sound. My music will drown out any music blaring from neighbors.

Rude Neighbors and Barking Dogs

Some of my neighbors have dogs as pets. It doesn’t happen often, but when one of them decides to bark all night, the neighbor responsible won’t do anything about it.

More often the barking comes from stray dogs and dogs that aren’t leashed or confined to the places where they should be confined. When a stray female is in heat, multiple dogs are barking all night and they move from place to place and they’re usually in front of my house.

When it happens and I can’t sleep, I wish I had a gun. It doesn’t have to be anything special. A pellet gun or a BB gun that uses CO2 cartridges would suffice.

Rude Neighbors and Parking

I live in a house at the end of the street, near the top of a hill. The cement actually ends at my house. People come here at all hours of the day and night and some of them think the area in front of my house is a parking lot.

They’re rude and the neighbors they’re visiting are responsible. It doesn’t bother us too much unless they block the gate to our driveway and we need to go somewhere.

Dealing with Rude Neighbors

I don’t deal with them. Josie does. Now, Josie was born and raised in the Philippines (in Tacloban City, Leyte and near Lemery, Batangas) and the rude neighbors bother her more than they bother me. I’m more laid back. Besides, I’m an American and Americans don’t mess with Filipinos in the Philippines unless they’re asking for trouble.

I’ve thought of all kinds of ways to get revenge on the rude neighbors, but I know a lot of the ones near me and they’re the most annoying. This article, “25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors”, has some suggestions but I can’t use most of them here.

I’ve gotten used to some of the noise pollution. Roosters that crow all hours of the night no longer bother me.

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By RT Cunningham
February 4, 2016