RTCX is the New Title of this Website, Formerly RTCXpression

Yes, RTCX is the new title of this website, the same as it was before 2013. I changed it to RTCXpression in 2013, thinking it might make it more unique and attract more visitors. It didn’t seem to matter.

Frankly, I got tired of it, especially typing it out. I also did a few other things today. You probably won’t notice the changes even if you’re a returning visitor.

Using only RTCX is Yet Another Attempt at Simplification

Is it easier to type “rtcx” into a search bar than “rtcxpression”? I think so. People rarely type website titles these days but every bit helps.

I took my first steps in website simplification back in October of 2017. Even then, I knew there was more I needed to do.

I removed a lot back then, including the open graph protocol nonsense along with the structured data markup. I internalized the CSS and JavaScript code I needed for my theme design.

As I predicted, removing all the excess bloat didn’t change a thing for either search engines or visitors. I won’t put anything back unless something changes with algorithms or something negative.

RTCX isn’t Special

I know everything I need to know about improving results. I just refuse to do it. Maybe it’s because this isn’t a company site or a brand of any kind.

I’ve been depressed as of late and I won’t go into all the reasons why. Maybe one reason is that I’m just getting old and tired of the same thing every day. I really can’t say about the rest.

Writing and publishing articles at RTCX is something kind of like work that isn’t work. Keeping a daily routine keeps me sane and if I can’t write about something, I tend to get depressed.

Hopefully, I’ll snap out of all this and use RTCX as a launching point for other projects. Projects that are more rewarding, or something like that.

January 7, 2018
Web Development

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