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RTCMS Released - My Headless CMS is Now Available for Downloading

RTCMSRTCMS version 1 is ready to download. Instead of writing multiple articles for it, I wrote one long article as a page, based on the demo site I created. It’s over 2300 words and you can read it here. The download link for the demo site is near the top of the page.

As many words as I typed, I’m positive I left out some things out. Those things may not matter, but I try to be as concise as I can be.

Writing Text for RTCMS

I started writing text for RTCMS within hours of finishing the revisited article on October 8. I almost can’t believe a week has passed. Like everything in my life these days, I get interrupted more often than I can remember.

I spent most of my “free” time writing and rewriting various sections. I changed code along the way. It was code that worked for me, but would probably confuse someone else.

Seeking Feedback

If I’ve made mistakes, of any kind and no matter how minor, I need to know about it. I’m sure I’ll eventually find them, if they exist, but it won’t be quickly. Not nearly quickly enough.

I don’t care if they’re simple typographical errors. A mistake is a mistake.

Keeping it Short

There isn’t anymore to say, at least not today. After proofreading over 2300 words, I’m all proofread out. When I start missing simple misspellings, it’s time to quit for the day. RTCMS should work as is, for anyone who cares to try it out. If there’s a glaring mistake, anywhere, I’m truly sorry.

Image attribution: The original Nginx logo is in the public domain. The original PHP logo is by Colin Viebrock (Download Logos and Icons) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons. The combined image is by RT Cunningham, with the same Creative Commons license.


RT Cunningham
October 15, 2019
Web Development