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RT Cunningham, My Name, is the New Title of This Website

RT Cunningham Yes, RT Cunningham is the new title of the website, the same as my name. It started out as simply “RTCX” to match the domain name in 2011 (although I didn’t write anything here until 2013).

I changed it to RTCXpression in 2013, thinking it might make it more unique and attract more visitors. It didn’t seem to matter. I changed it back to RTCX at the beginning of 2018. To be honest, I didn’t like seeing “RTCXpression” at the top of my screen all the time. It became annoying. I can’t get annoyed by my name.

RT Cunningham in Vanity Searches

Every week or so, I’ll do a vanity search for either “RTCX” or “RT Cunningham” or both. RTCX, by itself, never shows up on the first page of any search engine I use. RT Cunningham does. In fact, it brings up the home page because my name is in the meta description.

The domain name and TLD,, will show up on the first page and a few pages after it. That’s because it’s in each URL. No one will search for it, of course, except me. I’m sure someone, even if they’re not looking for me, will search for “RT Cunningham”. It seems to be fairly common.

I think having a title on a website like this is silly anyway. Unfortunately, it has to have one.

But Will It Stick?

I think so. It’s easy to get another domain name if I want to use another title. As I step beyond my middle-age years, however, I think this is it.

I don’t know how long I’ll continue writing, here or anywhere else. Things aren’t the way they were before 2011, when personal websites were abundant. When they still showed up in searches.

I blame Facebook and Google for all of it. Facebook for stealing everyone’s attention (or so it seems). Google for penalizing people who didn’t behave like Google wanted them to behave.

Most bloggers have long since given up. I knew quite a few of them. Searches for old domain names and website titles return other things today.

But I’m optimistic. Things change. They always do. With all the privacy issues on the web these days, people may give up on big sites like Facebook. What happens after that will be anyone’s guess.

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By RT Cunningham
May 7, 2018
Web Development