The Robots of the Future are Going to be People Like You and Me

- April 24, 2017

smartglasses robots We may not fit any of the textbook definitions for robots that exist today. We’ll probably be cyborgs or cybernetic in some way. Part man, part machine. Robots with human brains or something like that.

That is, if some of us don’t rebel. There will be those who will fight against entering the robotic age, kicking and screaming all the way. If the biggest shift happens while I’m still young enough to care, I’m sure I’ll be one of those fighting against it.

I suspect the robotic age will creep up on us and most of us won’t suspect a thing until it’s too late.

Robots and Smartglasses

Display technology is going to shift from smartphones to smartglasses. At least that’s what Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg seemed to suggest at the last Facebook F8 conference.

Supposedly, we’ll soon be typing instructions with our brains and receiving sounds on our skin. Sounds far-fetched, right? The first computer was housed in a large building. One day, a computer will probably fit on a fingernail. We may not be robots by then but we may look like them.

Smartglasses instead of Smartphones

I think it’s going to take longer than Zuckerberg’s roadmap suggests. Many people won’t want to have to wear something to stay connected. Today’s wearables aren’t breaking any sales records.

I was behind the times when it comes to smartphones, getting my first one in 2015. I was practically forced into it by authentication requirements online. I’ll probably be behind the times when it comes to smartglasses or whatever the display technology is called when it gets here.

I’m not a stick in the mud, as some of my peers may think. I’ve embraced most of the technology I’ve come into contact with over the years. For some reason, though, I don’t feel like embracing a future where we’re anything like robots.

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