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A Road Trip to a Resort in Bataan I’m not looking forward to

road trip My wife, Josie, had a visitor last night. One of her many cousins, Ruth, is on vacation from her home in National City, California. Ruth convinced Josie to take a road trip to a resort she bought in the Bataan province tomorrow. It’s isn’t far from us, a heck of lot closer than Manila even if we take the slow route. I don’t really want to go and Josie knows it. I don’t like to travel and if I want to go to a beach, there are many closer to us than Bataan.

The Road Trip is the Easy Part

I’m supposed to drive and I’m supposed to follow Ruth, who’s driving an SUV. I haven’t driven a single kilometer since I bought my car. Josie has driven a few times but it’s been mostly Alex, a sister-in-law’s husband, who’s done the driving. He drives a taxi for a living, so driving isn’t something that bothers him. A short road trip like this wouldn’t even phase him but he won’t be available tomorrow.

I’m not afraid to drive. City driving makes me anxious and gives me headaches. I don’t know which route Ruth is taking, but either way takes me away from city streets.

I don’t have a Choice in the Matter

When Josie wants me to go with her somewhere, I really don’t have a choice. Well, I do, but I don’t want to deal with the aftermath of the wrong choice.

Ruth owns a beach resort. I don’t know what condition it’s in. I don’t know anything about it other than it’s a beach resort and there’s a bunch of coconut trees there. That’s what Josie told me. She wants to get some fresh, young coconuts to bring back home. She wants me to go swimming there.

I like to swim, but I’m not fond of beaches. I’ll avoid them if I can. Once I’m at a beach, however, I’ll swim in the water if the water doesn’t look dirty. There are some dirty-water beaches I’ve been to and I won’t swim in the water even if everyone else will.

Getting up Early Bothers me

I get up early a lot. It usually happens when we have a brownout and the air stops moving in the bedroom. It sometimes happens when I get a foot cramp that wakes me up. Once I’m awake, it’s nearly impossible to go back to sleep. I’ve been known to be outside in my outdoor man-cave as early as 5 am. We’re supposed to leave tomorrow morning at 7 am, which means I have to be awake by 6 am to have time for my morning rituals and get ready.

Why is it different? Because I’m not on the clock. I get up when I get up and I don’t like getting up any earlier than I have to. Getting up early for a road trip that I’m not looking forward to just makes it more of a nuisance than it should be.

On the bright side, I get to take a few pictures in places where I wouldn’t normally go. Perhaps the road trip will be worth it, but I won’t know until we’re already home again.

Update, the Next Day

Well, it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere. I don’t think Josie’s going either since she told me I don’t have to go. Nothing is lost in my opinion. A further update: Josie didn’t go either.

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By RT Cunningham
March 9, 2016
Travel and Transportation