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Resource Directory - Website or Part of a Website?

resource directory I’ve wanted to create a good resource directory for ages. I had a directory website set up for a few months (my creation) but it didn’t work out so well.

That was before responsive web design turned into a big deal. It was also before Google started devaluing web directories in general, back when PageRank was more easily manipulated.

Resource Directory Website - I Already Own the Software

To me, it seems like creating a directory website is overkill. I want to list resources, not everything under the sun. I bought two software packages for directory websites in 2011 and 2012. One was phpLD, a standalone package. The other was a premium WordPress directory theme. I didn’t use either one. I rolled my own.

It would be pretty easy to set up a subdomain with either package and go from there. Unfortunately, whatever I set up would probably languish in obscurity. I would have to rely on submissions to fill the empty spots and based on my last experience, that wouldn’t work so well. Why? Because the web spammers know the links wouldn’t be worth the effort. Regular website owners wouldn’t see value in the links either.

Resource Directory - A Part of this Website

It wouldn’t be hard to create a resource directory as another part of this website. After all, it would simply be a bunch of pages connected by internal links and breadcrumbs. And if I’m doing all the work myself, it would be a lot easier to keep up.

Why am I even thinking of creating a resource directory? The main reason is because my web browser bookmarks are out of control. I suppose I could use a bookmarking service like used to be, but what happens when their service changes away from bookmarking or shuts down altogether?

My web browser bookmarks should be for my private links - links to things like my bank, my web host and things I don’t want to make public. I want to use a resource directory for all the public links.

Regardless of which route I take and if I take either, it’s something I have to think about. It needs to have value for my visitors as much as it needs to have value for me.

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By RT Cunningham
August 28, 2017
Web Development