Reclassification Completed – I’m Sure I Made Mistakes

March 24, 2017

I just finished the reclassification ordeal I wrote about in my last article. Well, just before I started to write this article. And an ordeal it was, taking up most of my waking hours for two days.

Even if I wanted to split things into separate subdomains, I would have still had to do it. I had too many categories and no tags. Now I have a lot fewer categories and a lot of tags. I’m sure I made mistakes along the way and I’ll probably have to reorganize as I go along.

Reclassification – Why Bother?

It’s all about discoverability, pages easy to find through search engines or on the website itself. Reducing categories and expanding tags (from nothing) should greatly increase discoverability.

Categories are nice when there isn’t many, not so much when there’s too many.

I had all the category links going to a single page, using named anchors to go to the right section of the page when clicked on. The categories are now on separate pages. Click on a category and there you are, with a list of articles filed under that category.

You can’t have too many tags pointing to tag pages. Every article should have at least one.

Without tags with links pointing to tag pages and without tag pages existing, it would be treated as keyword stuffing. As long as the structure is correct, it isn’t a problem.

The Static Site Generator

Reclassification took up the brunt of my time. Rewriting the PHP script that acts as my static site generator didn’t take up too much time, but it still took longer than I expected. Perhaps it was because of all the interruptions I had to endure today.

The category and tag pages do not exist within the WordPress side of things. The PHP script uses a copy of an existing page, replaces the necessary sections and creates each category and tag page.

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